The 410 Sprint cars thundered around Heartland Raceway in their Eureka Garages & Sheds series.

Once racing got underway, a fast pace track through some curve balls at teams. Being fair though, every driver and machine faced the same conditions. With careful line selection, some ripper track speeds were achieved as well as some superb passing.

With around 1200 photographs taken for this class on the night, I have picked about 80 shots that capture the nights pace and a few crashes. If your team is missing a spot in the lime light, please message me and we shall dig some up.

Please share with your mates on social media and if you really love the shots, consider parting with some molah for HD and watermark free version – just $10 each or 3 for $25 (non-commercial usage). drop me a PM via facebook or leave a comment below to start the ball rolling.

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