Whilst working on a site rebuild, this weekend the Rochester Kart Club has been hosting round 4 of the Golden Power Series 2019. With such a great event just a 45 min drive from home, how could I resist?

Throwing the gear together, Zachary (my youngest son) and myself zipped up the road for some kart time. The drive up was wet, with mild rain. With the farmland desperately needing the water so much, it was a welcome sight.

Making the most of the morning, we pulled the car up close to a lose fence. Propping inside the car, with windows off, to fire off some practice shots before the weather looked like clearing.

Action from inside my car with the window up.

Within 45 minutes, the weather cleared and practice finished up. The sun came out and the track dried up.

Pop over to the Rochy Gallery via the menu, link to be added in the post-processing gallery, and enjoy some of the local karting action.

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