The Australian All Stars Sprintcars series rocked up to Heartland raceway recently and they laid down rubber from the get go! The action was crazy with the very first race, proving so adrenaline pumping that the track jostling started at turn 1 of lap 1. Just ~300m later, at the top of turn 3 / 4, the jostling turned into the first crash of the night!!!

With plenty of action to ground, you might have expected a chaotic night. The management team kept it together though and with whip in hand, the racing ran relatively smoothly throughout the night.

As I cruised through the crowd during a late break, the buzz could be overheard with discussions of how action packed the evening had been; plus what was yet to come.

Overall, another fantastic evening with plenty of love taps and out of control slides that enured the field was always shuffled up and competitive for each position advancement.

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